Jordyn Woods Poses With Her Sister, Jodie Woods And They Are Twinning!

Jordyn Woods Poses With Her Sister, Jodie Woods And They Are Twinning!
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Jordyn Woods posed with her sister, Jodie Woods and these two are definitely twinning. Fans cannot have enough of them and you will see in the comments.

A follower said: 'Genetics is crazy!!!! You got some siblings out here with the same parents who don’t even look like they’re related... ' and someone else posted this: 'Yes Girl Sisters are our FIRST Bestfriends !🙌🏽💗'

Someone else posted this: 'Can you both face unlock each other’s phone? Soo curious on this one @jordynwoods' and a follower said: 'You two are TWINSSS❤️😍 lol people say the same about me and my younger sis.'

A commenter wrote: 'When the little sister is just as GORGEOUS as her big sister!!! Major flex 🥰'

Someone else said: 'How do you make the same child at a different time so pretty!!!! ❤️❤️❤️' and one othe commenter said: '@thedreaanicolee This could be us but you be trying it.'

A commenter said: 'Yall she look like Jordan more than Jordan 😭😍 they so beautiful 🥺'

Someone else said: 'This is what I mean when I say I got my own back 😩'

Just the other day, we revealed that Jordyn Woods  made her fans excited with a video that she shared in which she is together with her sister, Jodie Woods. Check out these gorgeous ladies here.

Their mother hopped in the comments and said: ‘that’s crazy even for me to see❤️ the love you both ❤️❤️❤️’ and someone else said: ‘No, that shìt really weird that y’all, not the same age. Because y’all have the exact same face.’

In other news,  Jordyn Woods  shared s video featuring her intense workout at the gym. Check out the clip that she shared on her social media account.

‘WELLNESS WEDNESDAY, yes I look crazy, but work was put in @taylored2perform’ Jordyn captioned her post.

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