Jordyn Woods Poses In Lingerie And Shows Fans The Cost Of Being The Boss

Jordyn Woods Poses In Lingerie And Shows Fans The Cost Of Being The Boss
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Jordyn Woods posed in lingerie and she showed fans what it's like to be the boss. Check out her photo below.

'It’s the leaving the Jenners and Kardashian for me 🔥 they blocked yo shine 🤩💯' a follower said.

Someone else posted this message: 'Beautiful lady on the block,' and another follower said: 'If y’all bored come vote on my polls 🕺🏽'

Someone else posted this: 'how are you a boss when Karl buys you everything you own. LMFAOO,' and a commenter said: 'The boss wears clothes and looks classy. Your attire should be for your partner's enjoyment only. Not on social media!'

Another commenter posted this message: '@jordynwoods I’m bout sick of your fine ass 🔥😍😂 my body not even pre-summer ready yet Sis, let me catch up hell.'

Somoene else said: 'Love the sound of being hour own boss 🙏' and a commenter posted this: 'Btw you’re so nice and amazing at being nice it’s just amazing.'

A fan said: 'Y’all notice when a man love on you right, you become the best version of yourself. 💕love this for sis.'

A person threw shade and said: 'You distracting your man too much he need to 🏀 more! Respectfully.'

In other recent news, Jordyn Woods  has been enjoying an amazing vacay with her BF Karl-Anthony Towns.

She has been keeping fans updated on social media, and now, she dropped some new pics which show her gorgeous and toned body.

Jordyn  shared some new pics with her BF,  Karl-Anthony Towns , and these two lovebirds are truly happy.

Check out the post that she recently dropped on her social media account, letting fans know that she is in awe.

Jordyn is living her best life these days with her BF, and she could not be happier. Her fans are also thrilled to see her like this.

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