Jordyn Woods Parties And Secures The Bag In London, While The Kardashians Are Reliving The Cheating Drama - Watch The Videos

Jordyn Woods Parties And Secures The Bag In London, While The Kardashians Are Reliving The Cheating Drama - Watch The Videos
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If you're a fan of the Kardashian clan and their neverending drama, then you're also aware of the latest episode involving Kylie Jenner's BFF (now, former BFF) Jordyn Woods and Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson making out. This unleashed hell on earth.

After the cheating scandal, Jordyn left LA and went to London for an event. It was the launch of her cosmetic products - some eyelashes that she has in collaboration with Eyelure.

From there, Jordyn made sure to keep her fans and followers updated with the latest events, and she shared gorgeous pics on her social media account.

According to a source, she was also happy to leave LA especially after the new KUWK trailer came out because she was mortified over it .

It was also recently reported that  the trailer was hard to watch for Khloe and Tristan as well. The whole Kardashian family has a really tough time reliving the painful moments.

On the other hand, mortified or not, Jordyn seems to be having a great time in London, according to the latest videos in which she's partying with fans after she secured the bag.

Speaking of securing the bag, it was also reported not too long ago that after the scandal, Jordyn was flooded with various business deals.

Anyway, here's Jordyn having a great time:

Someone commented 'Imagine making a betrayer feel like she did right, I pray y’all get betrayed bye.'

One other person shaded Jordyn and said 'Who cares y’all make this gurl relevant for being a side piece.'

Some people also defended Jordyn in the comments from all the backlash.

A commenter said 'All you commenting “she’s a betrayer” are the same type of women who will go back to a man after he’s cheated and disrespected you over and over again. Tristan was not a saint. He’s a grown ass man that’s cheated time and time again. Keep the same energy with the men and stop blaming the women only.'

One other follower posted 'All you tired haters on here. Kris Jenner cheated on Rob and had Khloe for Alex Roldan. Google it; Khloe is not her late husband’s child. Kim getting knocked up by Kanye before getting a divorce from Kris Humphrey. Both legally married. Tristan and Khloe were never married. Tristan is single. If he wanted Khloe, he would've been with her at the house party. You are really dumb to talk about cheating when Tristan was seen tongue kissing two females before True was born. You need to stop.'

Regarding Kylie and Jordyn's friendship, no one knows whether these two will be able to rekindle their relationship.


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