Jordyn Woods Opens Up About Her Marriage And Baby Plans Amid Romance With Karl-Anthony Towns

Jordyn Woods Opens Up About Her Marriage And Baby Plans Amid Romance With Karl-Anthony Towns
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Jordyn Woods has been dating Karl-Anthony Towns and she stressed that he is ‘awesome’ which means that their relationship is going great! That being said, how does she feel about taking a couple of important steps such as marriage and even parenthood with him?

The star is close to making her film debut as a lead actor and she talked about that as well as some personal details about her life in a new interview for HollywoodLife.

In spite of her huge scandal not too long ago, Jordyn Woods is living her best life these days!

Not only is she about to make her lead acting debut with Trigger but she is also in a relationship with someone really great for her!

But does that mean she is ready for marriage and kids?

‘I think we are two young ambitious people and we found comfort in each other. Of course, one day in the future I would like to have a time to settle down and have a family of my own. But right now I don’t want things to go way too fast. I am too focused right now to be worried about something that is happening next year or 2 years from now or 3 years from now,’ Jordyn dished in the interview.

As for her career, Jordyn made it very clear that she is ambitious about more than just acting.

That being said, she mentioned that she hopes someone in the music industry will give her a chance following her impressive appearance on The Masked Singer!

When asked if she’s actively doing anything in that area, she revealed that ‘When it comes to recording and making any music, it is not happening currently.’

Jordyn then stressed that she would still love to take that step as well ‘one day.’

Finally, when it comes to having a family of her own, she stated that ‘Of course, it is a dream of mine to have a family one day and to settle down. You know, things are awesome. I am excited. I am excited for the day when it comes, but I am not pushing for it any time soon.’


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