Jordyn Woods Makes Hair Enthusiasts Happy: She Finally Revealed Her Surprise

Jordyn Woods Makes Hair Enthusiasts Happy: She Finally Revealed Her Surprise
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Jordyn Woods has been telling fans for a while now that she has a surprise for them. She updated her followers and told them that she has a collab with a really important company and they will be releasing some new merch for hair enthusiasts.

Yesterday, she hopped on social media and revealed what it was all about while sharing a bunch of really cool pics to show off the products.

Fans are in awe, and they totally support Jordyn while she is securing the bag.

'Here we go! You guys know I love to change up my hair, and Iโ€™ve loved experimenting with so many different looks over the years. I teamed up with @easilockshair over a year ago now to work on creating my dream hair collection, and I am SO happy with the results. There are three amazing styles and what I love is how easy and quick they are to put in yourself,' Jordyn began her post on IG.

She continued and explained to fans the following: 'We have created The lace U-part, The Fringe, and The Ponytail, go take a look! The range is suitable for everyone in a gorgeous collection of 18 different multi-tonal shades so I hope you guys will all find something that works for you. I am SO proud of this project coming to life #jordynwoodsxeasilocks.'

People made sure to congratulate her on this amazing project in the comments.

Somoene said: 'Really just making your money and the Kardashians are using your name to promote their show ๐Ÿ‘;

A follower posted: 'I think as a customer the few sets of extensions you have are not what I'm looking for. The price is pretty amazing and cheap so I would buy. I'm looking for long dark brown extensions like the bellami type od volume nice hair. There good extensions but a price I wouldn't invest in. Unless there's a sale then maybe. Please @jordynwoods if there's a way you can have single extensions clip ons in a big set compared to bellami oh my goodness it would be a hit! ๐Ÿ’—โœจโœจ thanks for reading.'

Someone else gushed over Jordyn and told her: 'You are so beautiful Jordyn. You deserve the best.'

A lot of people made sure to congratulate Jordyn for this brand new achievement and wished her all the best from now on as well.

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