Jordyn Woods Makes Fans Happy With Her Birthday Vlog

Jordyn Woods Makes Fans Happy With Her Birthday Vlog
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Jordyn Woods made her fans and followers happy with a birthday vlog that she uploaded on her YouTube channel, Check it out below and also see some of her fans' reactions.

'better late than never! now up on my YouTube,' Jordyn captioned her post on her IG account.

Check out what she said on YouTube: 'Like I said in my video, this year I'm really trying to focus on getting my nutrition on point! One product that is my go to is the Huel Complete Protein.'

Someone said: 'You can tell that man eats, breathes, sleeps for her happiness. He lets the world knows he would too. Good for her,' and a commenter posted this: 'Jordyn has all the natural features that some people pay thousands of dollars for but can’t get it right. Plus a bonus of a good-looking professional, well spoken guy. Who’s winning ?'

Someone else said: 'You can tell she has a boyfriend who is really caring and thoughtful. He does more than just gifts he cares about the energy around and brings the people that she loves surrounding her as well.'

One follower posted this: 'At The Time She Didn't Know It But It Was A Blessing In Disguise.. It Makes My Heart Happy To See Her Doing So Well. She Is Living Her Best Life With Someone Who LOVES & RESPECTS HER. You Go Jordan!!!! Happy 24th Birthday.'

A follower said: 'Happy extremely belated birthday (since your birthday was in Sept. but you're posting now). You are glowing. You are thriving. You have grown so much in the past couple of years. I hope that you continue to have all the blessings and successes in 2022.'

Someone else said: 'I watched the Birthday party, now I'm enjoying the bora bora vlog. I came to say specifically, how do we get a reality show keeping up with you, your mom, sister, and sweet as pie boyfriend? Jaden, and others too. Keep the same vibe I'm getting from the last two videos, and add in the charcuterie, cupcake stuff. I'm loving the love baby girl. Keep keeping it classy.'

Jordyn Woods   is looking amazing in her latest pics that she dropped on her social media account.


She was mistaken for her sister, Jody by fans who made sure to show her all the love in the comments section.

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