Jordyn Woods' Latest Tattoo Has Fans Freaking Out - They're Warning Her About Its Meaning

Jordyn Woods' Latest Tattoo Has Fans Freaking Out - They're Warning Her About Its Meaning
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Jordyn Woods recently got a tattoo on her arm, and a lot of people questioned whether the new tattoo has something to do with Kylie Jenner or not. Now, she's back with a brand new mark on her body and fans are definitely here for it.

'twinning 🔮 my skin and soul really needed @master.aesthetician 😍 who knows about the chakra scale?' Jordyn captioned her post.

A fan commented: 'Yesss! Funny how things work...I was just watching a guided meditation and teachings and went through and deleted all the crap on my IG and people I follow and came across your name on IG and left as following then the first post I see when I push back was this! If this ain't the Universe at work!'

One other follower said: 'She’s glowing so much after leaving toxic friendships in the past 😍'

A person said: 'Yesss this is literally the best thing you can come across. The mentality is different once you actually focus on the spirit world and focus on yourself and the signs 😩🙌🏾❤️'

One fan wants to know more about her tattoos: 'You should walk us through the meaning of all your tatts. They’re all beautiful. also, go live again soon we miss you xo.'

Someone else tells Jordyn that she has enough tattoos now: 'Plus let it be the last tattoo. Tattoo don't make a woman beautiful.. Especially lots of it.'

A follower freaked out and said: 'Don’t do this Jordyn stay away from them you’re opening spirits in another world be careful! Just saying I know someone who got into it and got into some serious issues using it! Be careful with new world religion! Just stick with Jesus!' More people agreed.

What do you think about Jordyn's latest tat?

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  • Sister Mary
    Sister Mary Aug 30, 2019 12:01 PM PDT

    I love Jordyn Woods. I am glad 😊 she had that tattoo removed the one Kylie got. Jordyn, need to know and understand who Jesus Christ 🙏 is, and experience what real true love, and is from our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. Only one way is through his word. Jordyn Woods, please get an old King James Bible, and read it. Pray to God in Jesus Christ name. All that other spiritual stuff is false.

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