Jordyn Woods' Latest Photo Session Has Some People Criticizing Her Makeup

Jordyn Woods' Latest Photo Session Has Some People Criticizing Her Makeup
Credit: Complex

Jordyn Woods shared a few new pics on her social media account. She's wearing a really relaxed and simple outfit.

While some fans are here for this look, others are criticizing her makeup in the comments.

Someone posted: 'Her foundation makes her look like dead Brenda from scary movie 3πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚'

One commenter said: 'You know what today in people's opinions Jordyn looks white and when Kardashians braid they wanna be black. Anyhow anyone can damn well wear their hair their style their MEN anyway they want to thank you.'

Someone also said that the 'Foundation is way too light for your complexion.'

A commenter posted: 'She has an amazing skin too bad this pic makes her look so grey I guess the makeup or the filter was ❌'

One other follower believes that she may have reunited with the Kardashians: 'Did she get back with the Kardashian's? Since she is using Kanye Wests and Travis Scotts music for her stories πŸ‘€hidden clue!?!'

A follower posted: 'In a perfect world Kylie and Jordan would be friends Beyonce and Kim would be friends, Kourtney would have some friends, lol.'

A fan said: 'Don't worry about the makeup she can wipe it off and killed everyone with looks and color she will look better than who does a facelift. don't get carried away by her makeup not matching she is flawless with no surgery that's what y'all need to chat about behind her makeup is a diva that is beautiful with r without makeup.'

Speaking of Kylie Jenner, after the two celebrated their birthdays together in Italy, Kylie and Sofia are making it clear that the two have developed a strong, close bond.

There are new videos and photos from Sofia Richie, she goes as far as to call Kylie her BFF .


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