Jordyn Woods Is Upset That She Got Caught Cheating With Tristan Thompson -- She Fears For Her Career

Jordyn Woods Is Upset That She Got Caught Cheating With Tristan Thompson -- She Fears For Her Career
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Jordyn Woods is said to be very distraught over the cheating scandal that shook the Kardashian and Jenner clans but not for the reason people would believe.

In case you have missed it, Khloe Kardashian has finally decided to finally dump Tristan Thompson after he was caught cheating with Jordyn.

A reliable source spoke to PEOPLE Magazine and confessed that Jordyn had agreed with Tristan to lie about the affair.

The person stated that Kylie Jenner's former BFF has been in tears over the scandal not because of what she did but because she got caught and is fearful of the outcome on her career.

The family friend shared: “It seemed she [Jordyn] had an agreement with Tristan that they would deny hooking up if they got caught. Jordyn was shocked when the family did find out and confronted her.”

The insider went on to explain the following to the media outlet: "Jordyn acted very distraught. But the family feels that she is mostly upset that she got caught."

It appears that Tristan could care less about the drama and is eager to move on as a bachelor who will enjoy wild nights.

The insider stated: “Tristan didn’t seem like he cared too much. He seemed to mind the drama but didn’t act like he regretted hooking up with Jordyn. He actually denied, too, and has had no explanation since as to why it happened.”

Another source told Hollywood Life that Khloe heard about the cheating rumors a few days before it became official and took drastic actions.

The person explained: “Khloe [Kardashian] broke up with Tristan earlier last week, before Valentine’s Day, as she finally had enough of the rumors of his cheating.”

The insider shared: “She wanted nothing more than to make things work, but felt she had enough. Khloe has wanted for years to be a mom and is so in love with being a mom, and [is] thankful for Tristan because he gave her True. Khloe wishes Tristan would be more involved in True’s life and feels he doesn’t see her nearly as much as he should.”

Jordyn might be able to grow her profile after this.

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