Jordyn Woods Is Twinning With Her Sister While Promoting Her Recently Released Lashes - See The Videos

Jordyn Woods Is Twinning With Her Sister While Promoting Her Recently Released Lashes - See The Videos
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Jordyn Woods talks about the lashes that she released back in January. She shared a few videos on her social media account in which she is together with her little sister, and fans say that these two are definitely twinning.

'just twinning 😅 I released my lashes with @eylureofficial in February! Since then, we’ve won awards for being the best lash for sensitive eyes, and I really was hoping to provide a lash for people who wanted to go the more natural route or try lashes for the first time. I’ve heard a lot of nurses and people in that field love my lashes because they are lightweight but still give you that extra pop,' Jordyn began her post.

She continued and told her fans: 'I was comfortable enough to let me little sister try them today, which normally I would be against her putting on a lash, and I was surprised to see that it made us look even more alike😂 they can look deceivingly light in the box but once you try them on I think you’ll love them! They’re available online and in @ultabeauty and @superdrug 🥰 let me know what you think. Also I finally filmed that soft glam makeup tutorial today so make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube to see when my video goes live 🤩'

Reginae Carter said: 'I swear y’all twins! You ain’t fooling nobody lol 😂'

Someone else posted: 'Yea some people don't have lashes so it's good for some. I'd definitely buy these when you start offering glam lashes. Thick.'

A follower threw some shade and said: 'You created falsies but wear extensions....hmmm... I’m guessing the quality isn’t great in the eyelure then.'

One fan said: 'I have all three kinds in multiples. They legit my favorite lash and yes the make u look like u just have a little more umph to ur eyes.. Love them.'

Another person wrote this: 'No lie I knew these were perfect for me because they were the first eyelashes I wore that didn’t make me itch 😩🔥'

Jordy is a busy bee these days , and she’s been working on a lot of projects. She just launched a new fitness line, and her fans could not be prouder of her.

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