Jordyn Woods Is Spoiled Ahead Of The Holidays - See What She Got

Jordyn Woods Is Spoiled Ahead Of The Holidays - See What She Got
Credit: BET

Jordyn Woods told her fans that she got really spoiled ahead of the winter holidays. She received the famous roses shaped as bears that you can see below.

'Just can’t get enough ❤️ @doseofroses spoiled me for the holidays!🌹' Jordyn captioned her post.

Someone asked Jordyn, 'Whys the tree not decorated? ☹️' and a follower quickly responded the following: 'This pic must’ve been taken a few days ago. Because she did a live the night before last where she was decorating the tree.'

Another commenter gushed over Jordyn and said: 'You really are so lovely to follow. I love watching your pics and your warm smile 😊 you so sincere.'

Someone addressed the flower arrangement company and said: '@doseofroses is a cool gift, but be prepared to receive your order extremely late if at all. I ordered a flower bear 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day last year, and my girlfriend didn’t receive it until over a month later after several emails and calls.'

One other follower brought up the Kardashian-related drama and posted this: 'Girl stop being modest we all know that the first tweet was a sub, and we are all here for it!!! Like whether you like it or not, we all care about you we don’t want that family taking advantage anymore your mama was right about them @jordynwoods.'

Just the other day, it was reported that   Khloe Kardashian had a few words to address to Jordyn Woods and the whole drama involving Tristan Thompson as well.

Jordyn also posted a message claiming that it's not targeted at anyone, but fans said that it's definitely for Khloe.

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