Jordyn Woods Is Slammed For Her Kobe Bryant Tribute Video -- Did Kylie Jenner's Former BFF Take It Too Far?

Jordyn Woods Is Slammed For Her Kobe Bryant Tribute Video -- Did Kylie Jenner's Former BFF Take It Too Far?
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It seems that Jordyn Woods has taken the initiative to improve her fitness level and health, as the 22-year-old model updated her Instagram page with two videos from her recent workout at the gym.

In the first video clip, Woods did not appear to be moving very much, but according to the caption of the post, the exercise was dedicated to core strength.

The second footage shows Woods working out with a different machine, and she appears to be struggling with the fitness equipment.

However, the model explained she was experiencing difficulties with this particular workout because it was the first time that she tried out this machine.

The video clips were instantly viewed by Woods' millions of followers, and a lot of Instagram users congratulated her on her inspiring post.

Some supporters of the social media mogul also wrote comments that praised her for being honest about her difficulties in the second video, to which she answered that she was trying to "keep it real."

However, among the positive messages, there were some criticizing Jordyn from doing her workout at Mamba Sports Academy, which was founded by Kobe Bryant, and condemned her for being "very clout-ish."

One person said: "This seems very clout-ish. Mamba Sports Academy? Since when...? 🥴."

Another critic stated: "All of a sudden she’s working out in his gym? The mamba gym? After his death?? The timing doesn’t seem off?"

A friend of Woods's rushed to her defense against the critics and explained that she invited Jordyn to the facility after visiting if for a few months.

A backer explained: "Jordyn is an influencer. A social media influencer, I have a problem with you thinking that you know what she's doing or what her intent was. What if she was gunning to advertise the gym her being in the gym and having social media followers see her working out in mamba facilities would generate publicity... But your mind went to the negative side of this post. Thinking that you know her intent... Plus Jordyn has been posting about Kobe and the family for a while now, do you think she Was chasing clout then too. Would you rather she kept mum then too. 🤔🤔"

As a result, Woods also chipped in and stated that she was happy she visited the place because it was nice and concluded with "People just have anything to say" in reference to the negative comments.

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