Jordyn Woods Is Featured In The Rolling Out Magazine And Makes Fans Proud

Jordyn Woods Is Featured In The Rolling Out Magazine And Makes Fans Proud
Credit: BET

Jordyn Woods surprised her fans when she revealed them that she's featured in the Rolling Out magazine. She is also on the cover of the prestigious publication, as well as you can see below.

'thank you @rollingout for my amazing quarantine cover and interview🖤 the time is now !!' Jordyn captioned her post on social media.

Lots of followers and fans congratulated her achievement, but there were also haters who felt the need to hop in the comments and bash Jordyn, saying that she owes all her success to Kylie Jenner.

A follower said: 'is it too late to post the masked singer in my story I just watched the episode with you in it,' and one other commenter had the following question for Jordyn: 'yassss queeen so I have only one question. when is the YT video and album coming?'

One other follower said: 'Yes!! And he is shining his light on her time 🤣told ya, like dust I'll RISE, Italians have a saying, "the cream always rises to the top" ✌️out.'

A hater hopped in the comments section just to shade Jordyn and told heer this: 'You should really say thank you to Kylie Jenner.'

A diehard fan defended her and said: 'you should really get off her page with your nonsense.'

Someone else wrote: 'I know you either worried, overwhelmed, struggling in some way or questioning God. But listen, he loves you, and had a plan to bring you out of this stronger, brighter, and better than you were before. You're going to make it.'

Jordyn made headlines the day before when she made her fans crazy with excitement.

She shared a couple of pics in which she shows off her beach body. She also made sure to thank mother earth for all the gorgeous beauties that the planet is giving people.

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  • Desiree Padilla
    Desiree Padilla Apr 26, 2020 6:52 AM PDT

    Jordan, it looks like things are going well for you. Happy, happy. Sad that u n kylie no longer speak. Just some quick advice. What happened, happened, but I believe in something called KARMA!!!!!!Things are going great for you, but I advise you to pray for forgiveness. Karma will come to you when? who knows but it will come. Is a man really that important that you lost your friend, n you lost your respect as a young lady. Maybe next time you'll think twice before doing anything wrong. Good luck.

  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson Apr 25, 2020 8:07 AM PDT

    I can not believe some jealous lil hater wants her to Thank Kylie!!!! For what exactly??? She has nothing to do with what Jordan does and this girl is working her ass off to make a name for herself, she owes Kylie Jenner nothing!!! So they were friends, she supposed to thank her just for being her friend?? Kylie isn't God and Jordan owes her nothing at all. Keep right on trucking with your self Jordan, you owe no one anything!! Just do you!!!!

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