Jordyn Woods Is Featured In Rick Ross' Video And Fans Congratulate Her

Jordyn Woods Is Featured In Rick Ross' Video And Fans Congratulate Her
Credit: BET

Jordyn Woods is involved in a lot of projects these days, despite the newe scandal that involves her. She's been spotted partying with another one of Khloe Kardashian's exes.

It’s been recently reported that  Kylie Jenner has unfollowed Jordyn Woods  after the latest event.

Before this event, Kylie reportedly hinted at the fact that she could one day reconcile with Jordyn, but after what happened now, it's been reported that there are zero chances that Kylie and Jordyn will become friends again .

Jordyn did not seem bothered by all this drama at all and she's been minding her own business, making sure to 'secure that bag' as some of her fans put it.

She is currently enjoying fans support and everyone is telling her that she has been flourishing since she was kicked out of the Kardashian clan.

Now, she shows fans a video from Rick Ross in which she is featured as well.

Someone told her: 'Jordyn!!! The talent y have got they don't have it. They hate you have moved on. This was the best thing that could have happened to you. Let them know y don't care a fuck. Big time. You forever would be rich. Good on y girl. Don't ever rekindle or look back. Now is y time to shine.'

Another follower wrote: 'Now take it to the next level...drop a single.... With one of these rappers...double your 💲'

Somoene said: 'Rick Ross must have really been impressed with you after you guys appeared on Hollywood squares👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽'

One other commenter posted: 'Honestly I think everything happened for a reason I feel more blessings are uncovering for her since she and Kylie split.'

As you can see, people are 100% supportive of Jordyn and all her moves.


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