Jordyn Woods Gets Body-Shamed After Posting Raunchy Bathing Suit Picture

Jordyn Woods Gets Body-Shamed After Posting Raunchy Bathing Suit Picture
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Jordyn Woods, the stunning model and former BFF of Kylie Jenner, is building an empire of her own, but that does not stop the critics from going after her.

Over the weekend, Jordyn took to social media where she made heads spin because of her stunning figure. The former reality TV star shared a photo where she is having fun poolside in a bright orange bathing suit.

One person body-shammed her by saying: "Am I the only one who doesn't understand her body."

One defender wrote: "Female judging another female body, so much for females coming together huh. I Don’t understand my own body at times. So what’s the prob? don’t understand your need to understand."

This backer claimed: "Are you talking about the weird angle they took the photo at, so no she looks more top heavy? Cause why the picture and her are fire, I can say that the angle does look a little weird to me. But just a smidge."


An angry fan explained: "Don't you know how a female body looks like? 🤔 is that hard to understand? Df you a Female as well. 🧐🤦🏽‍♀️"

This fourth supporter claimed: "Small waist and all 😍😂babe you never needed Kylie. You need to come out with a skincare line. People have been saying that for weeks now and then .... says they have one coming out. Get your team together girl you have to move quickly; you could make millions. Just giving advice that you didn’t ask for. 😜😜"

A source told Hollywood Life that since moving on from the Tristan Thompson drama, she has discovered who her real friends are: “This situation has truly shown her who her real friends are. This whole thing has been a giant learning experience for her. Jordyn Woods is still shaken up over the loss of her friendship with Kylie and scandal involving Tristan Thompson. She is still very much trying to keep to herself even though she’s slowly starting to come out a bit more. Jordyn knows it’s important because now she’s all on her own and needs to be out there, but she's as closed off and private as possible.”

The insider added: “She doesn’t trust a lot of people, that much is clear. When out, she really is just keeping to herself and doing her own thing. Jordyn wants to be out because she knows she has products to promote and needs to be social and isn’t wanting to just sit at home and sulk, but she’s trying to do it by keeping to herself as much as possible.”

Jordyn seems determined.

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  • Nyisha Parker
    Nyisha Parker Mar 16, 2020 8:03 AM PDT

    Well at least you kno it ain't photoshopped. Jordyn do yo thang girl. Always thought you were fab without the Kardashians. You have all the tools to survive in that nasty industry. Losing a bestie is hard stay strong my love. You are all that ...

  • Ray
    Ray Dec 4, 2019 7:48 AM PST

    So the question is , Is she top heavy ? If not photo shopped.

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