Jordyn Woods Flexes On The 'Gram And Flaunts Her Best Asset, Leaving Fans Shook

Jordyn Woods Flexes On The 'Gram And Flaunts Her Best Asset, Leaving Fans Shook
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Jordyn Woods just flexed for the 'gram and made fans excited with a video that she posted. She's trying on some Amazon gym merch that's very popular these days.

Check out the leggings that she is flaunting for the camera in the clip below.

Someone said: 'Tik tok do be having some good recommendations !!! 👏🏽' and another follower posted this: 'we didn’t make you do it, you know what you are doing.'

Someone else said: '.so they sent you a returned pair! Anytime Amazon ships your items in this packaging, it means that someone else returned them and they’re reselling it. I always send it back to get a new pair. I’ve worked in Amazon returns before, and it’s interesting to me how they do that. They don’t even wash the clothes before reselling it.'

One other follower said: 'All that and we don’t know the name of the leggings 😢' and another follower said: 'U know ur my body goals right?? & u know im ordering these right???😂 what I type in!'

Someone else posted this: 'You shine so much brighter since not being under Kardashian umbrella. We left with you ❤️', and a commenter said: 'If only Amazon let me buy the ass with the leggings cause I got these in the same colour too 😂 and I’m waiting for my dump truck.'

A follower said: 'Let me go order mine before this video make the price go up 😂😂' and somoene else posetd this: 'Lmaooo got them too, waiting to wear them properly.'

Jordyn Woods  dropped her clothes for a photoshoot that has her fans in awe. Check out the pics that Jordyn took in this pink light.


In other recent news,  Karl-Anthony Towns  is super in love with  Jordyn Woods ,  and some insider reports claim to know that he is so sure she’s the one that he would marry her right now!

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