Jordyn Woods' Fans Say She's Glowing Since She Left The Kardashians Behind - They Advise Her To Launch A Skin Care Line

Jordyn Woods' Fans Say She's Glowing Since She Left The Kardashians Behind - They Advise Her To Launch A Skin Care Line
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Jordyn Woods doesn't seem too affected that her friendship with Kylie Jenner came to an end, nor due to the fact that her whole relationship with the Kardashian-Jenner clan is over.

If it were to judge after what she has been posting on her social media account, the girl seems to be looking prettier and happier than ever and her fans agree.

She shared a photo with her most relaxing family weekend and fans made sure to praise her in the comments.

'The most relaxing family weekend.. @macarthurplace is one of my new favorite escapes.. it feels like home and the foooood is 😍 🥰 now back to work,' she captioned one of her pics.

Someone commented 'You left them toxic ass Kardashians and you’ve been glowing. No choice, but to Stan sis 😂🥰😍' and another fand said 'You look so good and healthy I'm so happy that you are happy 💕💕'

Someone else also believes that she's better off without the Ka-Jenner clan: 'If no one else is going to say it I will!!!! Sis you look mad peaceful since you are not with the Kardashian Jenner clan IJS💁🏽‍♀️'

A fan told her 'You Do Your Thing Mama And Never Let Anyone Try to bring you down. Your beautiful Smart And. Classy. & independent. I Support you 💯 Love Ya💕 #GoGetThisWorld☺'

After Jordyn shared a no makeup pic , fans also made sure to praise this look as well.

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A fan said 'You're so pretty wtf 😍 you just shine despite everything and that’s truly encouraging 💙' and another person gushed over her skin: 'When you don’t need any Kylie skin products cuz ur skin is perfect 👌🏽'

One fan wanted to give Jordyn a few tips: '@jordynwoods please I will like to give you some advice offense intended..... (1)please build your confidence,, stop feeling INFERIOR like "you can't do more than this".. You actually can ... (2) second, your fitness outfit collections - make the advertisements more interesting - you should tell people how beautiful you feel even if you are not THIN.'

The person continued and said: '(3) launch a skin care line because lots of people love your skin and they are interested in how to achieve that kind of skin, (4) don't you ever try to move away from the limelight,,, don't hate the " media" become the "media"@jordynwoods I love you lots but it's just disappointing that you are not using the opportunity you have very well ....surprise everyone do something that will make you a huge celeb. You don't need anybody to be famous and trendy you can do it yourself!'

What do you think about this lengthy advice that Jordyn received?

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