Jordan Craig Stuns In Bathing Suit Pictures While Reportedly On Vacation With Tristan Thompson And Their Son Prince; Khloe Kardashian Must Be Confused

Jordan Craig Stuns In Bathing Suit Pictures While Reportedly On Vacation With Tristan Thompson And Their Son Prince; Khloe Kardashian Must Be Confused
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NBA star Tristan Thompson is reportedly having the time of his life with his first baby mama, Jordan Craig, in Jamaica.

Via social media, Jordan shared a sexy picture where she is flaunting her impressive body in a navy-blue-and-white-striped bikini while lounging near a pool that oversees the ocean.

Tristan's son, Prince, is next to his mom in matching shorts. Tristan also shared a cute picture where he is having fun on a boat.

According to celebrity and entertainment websites -- The YBF and The Jasmine Brand -- Prince's grandparents are from Jamaica.

Tristan and Jordan are reportedly visiting their relatives on the tropical island. Tristan, who shares a daughter with Khloe Kardashian, recently split after he cheated with Jordyn Woods.

In the past, Jordan claimed that Tristan cheated on her while she was pregnant with Prince. She claimed in court documents that she had a tough pregnancy because of the stress that Tristan caused her while running around with Khloe.

One person reacted to the photos by saying: "Waoo! My social media lil friend is so grown. A very handsome young man in the making lol. Prince has more stamps on his passport than me!!!😩"

Another commenter said: "True is not with him; the mother is vacationing somewhere with him and obviously shared his child picture with him. Now he should just marry her, and all will be well with the world."

This backer shared: "I hope that both you and Khloe allow true and prince to have a brother-sister relationship put your differences and do it for the sake of both your kids. With the whole TRISTAN thing I assume they won't be best buds she says that Khloe knew Khloe says otherwise all of that doesn't matter the whole point here was just for the two kids they deserve to have a brother-sister relationship the moms can be grownups and keep the minimum respect things happen its life let's not let the kids be a part of or suffer that's all I meant."

This fourth follower explained: "And I totally agree but there 4have been some parents that have kept their child/children away from their half-siblings because their mothers have animosity and the way this situation went down and who knows if Tristan doesn't do his part to bring the siblings together so that they can know each other I don't see much chance in that happening at least for now too many hurt angry feelings."

Tristan might anger his ex with this latest move.

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  • Sally
    Sally Jul 31, 2019 3:06 PM PDT

    It really is not any of Chloe's business what Tristan and Jordan do. She is his EX for a reason. Girl needs to get over it. Raise that beautiful baby. Get on with your life!! I would love to see Tristan and Jordan get back together and get married. Live happily ever after.

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