Jordan Craig Looks Like A Snow Bunny And Gives Tristan Thompson's Other Baby Mama Khloรฉ Kardashian A Run For Her Money With New Picture

Jordan Craig Looks Like A Snow Bunny And Gives Tristan Thompson's Other Baby Mama Khloรฉ Kardashian A Run For Her Money With New Picture
Credit: Instagram

Jordan Craig is taking winter fashion to a whole other level and showing Khloรฉ Kardashian how it is done.

Tristan Thompson's first baby mama has captivated the Internet's imagination with an all-white/fur outfit where she looks like a sexy snow bunny.

The stunning lifestyle blogger completed her angelic look with a few gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

Many fans were quick to compliment Prince's mom on her classy fashion sense and ask why did Tristan cheat on her.

One person said: "I'm waiting to see something wrong on her but it looks like she's an angel?. She could have cashed in on the cheating, but she remained on the DL. And she doesnโ€™t use her son for profit. Sheโ€™s a Queen ?Gorgeous you are always classy never trashy Tristan knows he let a rare diamond go."

Another commenter shared: "I so admire your strength and raising your son with so much love; it shows in his smile, he looks so happy. No matter what that fool Tristan says or does, don't stoop to his level, Don't even comment on Kloe. Always be a lady. That happened to me my son will be 40 yrs old, and I never bothered them nor asked for anything!! But yet the woman hates my guts after so many years, and she's such a miserable person, I really feel sorry for her. But I feel, I dodged a bullet on that marriage. It hurts but ends up a blessing in disguise."

This third follower replied: "He's so handsome! Looks just like his dad. Hopefully, his dad spends as much time with him as he does with his daughter. He'll regret it one day. Praying for peace, and really admire your strength as a woman, immature men never know what they want, but thank God you got out of the relationship when you did, because obviously! He's not a one-woman man. I don't know why Klo Kardashian thought she was any different than you and could tame him. Now she knows what you felt, and God doesn't like ugly."

Tristan's adorable son, Prince, recently celebrated his second birthday and Khloe jumped on social media to shower him with love.

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    CAROLYN WILLIAMS Jan 13, 2019 6:12 PM PST

    That is something I will never understand. If he was screwing around with you. While he is dating someone else. What makes you think that he will true to you!

  • Krickett West
    Krickett West Jan 13, 2019 4:19 PM PST

    This women Jordan is beautiful there's no give khloe a run for her money she way ahead of khloe. Khloe would never catch up.

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith Dec 20, 2018 1:19 AM PST

    Kloe: I love you, your family and the show. Bottom line is, Tristan DID leave her for you whe it was convenient for him, she was FULLY pregnant. To make matters worst, U were all over TV, smiling and gtinning

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