Jonathan Van Ness Says He's Very Happy With The Support Received Following HIV Diagnosis

Jonathan Van Ness Says He's Very Happy With The Support Received Following HIV Diagnosis
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According to a report from Page Six, following the announcement that Jonathan Van Ness, the Queer Eye alum, was diagnosed with HIV, the actor stated he has been on the receiving end of incredible "grace." Fans of the actor know him as one of the "Fab Five" in Queer Eye , on Netflix.

The actor thanked his fans and friends for supporting him this past Saturday after discussing his diagnosis in an interview in support of his new memoir, Over The Top. In an Instagram story, Van Ness thanked all of his fans and family, adding, "especially to my queer family."

Jonathan went on to say "thank you" to everyone who "showered" him with "grace." As it was previously reported, the 32-year-old actor/hair-dresser claimed on Saturday that he was 25-years-old when he fainted in a salon in the middle of cutting a client's hair.

The actor went to a Planned Parenthood health center the following day and doctors confirmed he was HIV-positive. Reported by the New York Times, Jonathan said the diagnosis was as "devastating as you would think it would be."

Jonathan added in his Instagram Story that he chose to finally admit his diagnosis in addition to his past troubles with drugs since many of those issues need to be discussed. Jonathan Van Ness isn't the only Hollywood celebrity to be diagnosed HIV-positive.

Previously, Charlie Sheen, the Two And A Half Men actor, admitted to Matt Lauer on the Today show that he was also diagnosed with the illness. Thankfully, however, medical technology has come a long way and the illness is no longer as fatal as it once was.

A few years prior, Charlie was embroiled in a media scandal for his behavior on the set of Two And A Half Men , in addition to his tumultuous relationship with Chuck Lorre, the creator of the series, who later fired him.

According to the website for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1,122,900 teenagers and adults were infected with the illness in 2015, however, around 15% of the aforementioned number are those without a proper diagnosis.

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