Jonas Brothers Fans React To Nick Jonas Being Groped Onstage

Jonas Brothers Fans React To Nick Jonas Being Groped Onstage
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Jonas Brothers fans are outraged over the fact Nick Jonas was groped on stage at a concert earlier this week.

The famous boy band was performing at the Hollywood Bowl when one crazed concertgoer disrespected Nick . In the viral video footage, one fan is spotted stroking Nick's leg and trying to reach for his butt.

A security guard steps in pushing the girl's hands away from the singer but it wasn't enough. The chick reached to touch Nick again. He quickly had to pull his leg away and turn around to tell the fan to stop touching him. The brothers were in the middle of singing their hit song, ‘Only Human.'

The incident has left fans angry. Twitter exploded with Jonas Brothers fan commenting on the incident the second the video was uploaded. There is no question what the girl did was not cool. Nick's fans had harsh words for the "disgusting fan."

"Dear @nickjonas on behalf of the rest of the fandom I really want to apologize for what happened at the Hollywood Bowl. No one should be touched like that without consent, by a stranger. I hope the rest of us can make it up to you by showing what respect is. #happinessbeginstour," Tweeted @xdieudonnee

"This is honestly so hard to watch. Can they not get it through their heads that Nick is clearly uncomfortable as he turns back to look at them and tried to swat their hand away? Ugh, this is not how you should treat them. They're people just like us who don't need to feel violated," wrote @acoots98

"Someone commented on Nick Jonas getting groped saying that those people pay a lot of money so they should be able to do whatever they want. ARE YOU F#$KING JOKING?!? HE IS A HUMAN BEING AND SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED IN THE WAY THAT HE WAS. END OF STORY. It is sexual harassment," Tweeted @youareloved96

"Just saw the video of @nickjonas being groped and honestly I'm sick. Personal space should be respected what on earth could make her think that's ok?" said @mujerdeacero93

Do not mess with one of the Jonas Brothers. Their fans are not here for people touching the guys.

Proof of that comes after one concertgoer groped Nick Jonas onstage. Social media is blasting the girl who kept trying to touch the 27-year-old singer and standing up for him.

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