Jonas Brothers Deliver Inspirational Speech While Accepting The Decade Award At The Teen Choice Awards

Jonas Brothers Deliver Inspirational Speech While Accepting The Decade Award At The Teen Choice Awards
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The Jonas Brothers are back together, happier and more successful than ever! As fans know, the trio just had a comeback after a decade and they are already getting awards!

Joe, Nick and Kevin were honored with the prestigious Decade Award at the Teen Choice Awards after they released arguably one of the best songs of this year, ten years after their breakup.

The brothers were obviously happy to take the stage at the event last night and delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech.

They talked about bullying and adversity in general, something they had to deal with as well.

The oldest of the bunch, Kevin, was the first to talk.

He recalled how he’d get insulted and bullied because he had frosted tips in his hair but as it turned out, when he tried out for a TV commercial role for the first time, he got the gig precisely because of his hairstyle!

‘They hired me because they liked my frosted tips. The same haircut that got me called 'piss head' is what started my career, and it is also the reason I am standing on this stage, receiving this award today.’

Nick went through some bullying too as a kid but not from fellow youngsters.

In his case, the teachers were the ones who felt like putting him down.

Nick got cast in some Broadway shows as a child, but the teachers ‘felt like it was their job to keep [him]in [his] place by singling [him] out and giving [him] a harsher treatment than everyone else.’

Once on his birthday: ‘My teachers yelled at me, 'Stop drawing attention to yourself.' And I had enough self doubt as it was, I did not need to be told how little I was. But if I had stopped what I was doing that moment ... I would not be here today, receiving this award.’

Kevin once again stressed that these things that young people may be bullied for could very well be what makes them special.

‘Embrace those things,’ Joe added as the three brothers waved at their diehard supporters.


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