Jonah Hill States That Kobe Bryant's Death Reminded Him Of His Brother

Jonah Hill States That Kobe Bryant's Death Reminded Him Of His Brother
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Kobe Bryant's death came as a shocking surprise to the world, including many of his associates and peers in the entertainment industry. One such man is Jonah Hill, who claimed that the basketball player's death reminded him of a lot of the abrupt passing of his brother, Jordan Feldstein.

According to the outlet, Today, Jonah Hill shared memories of how he and his brother sat next to Kobe Bryant at a game. The 36-year-old, on his Instagram account, shared a photo of himself posing next to Kobe. As it was previously reported, Kobe died in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

His teenage daughter was also killed. Jonah, on his IG account, claimed that experiencing the death of Kobe was similar to seeing his brother pass away. As fans of Jonah know, his brother was the manager of Maroon 5 from the start of their career.

Feldstein, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 40 in December 2017. Reminiscing on his brother and the legend of the LA Lakers alum, Jonah noted that he and his brother grew up supporting the Lakers, and on account of his job, they often were able to sit beside Kobe and the rest of the team.

Jonah explained that it was actually one of his favorite memories with him. Additionally, Hill shared another photo of the pair sitting beside the basketball court looking very happy.

As it was previously reported, Jordan Feldstein, Jonah's older brother, passed away back in late 2017. After he died, many of his entertainment industry cohorts chimed in on his death, including Adam Levine and the rest of the group.

Adam Levine and Feldstein were friends for years, first getting to know each other during their school days. Jordan worked with other big-name clients like Miguel, Chromeo, and The B-52s.


E! Online reported at the time that Mr. Feldstein had died due to complications from a blood clot in his lungs. Sources who spoke with us noted that everyone was pretty shocked to hear about his death. Deep leg vein thrombosis, obesity, and acute bronchopneumonia also contributed.

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