Jon Gosselin Reportedly Files For The Custody Of 14-Year-Old Son Collin!

Jon Gosselin Reportedly Files For The Custody Of 14-Year-Old Son Collin!

According to some reports, Jon Gosselin is planning on getting full custody of his and ex, Kate’s son Collin! Apparently, the man is arguing that it’s in the 14-year-old boy’s best interest to live with him in Pennsylvania!

All things considered, it sounds like Kate is not going to be happy about it.

After all, reports claimed that she got furious when the father spent time with Collin over the weekend and also shared a couple of pics with him on social media.

Despite the fact that one of their children, Hannah, is already living under the same roof with her dad ‘full time’ it looks like Kate still has custody of all of their eight kids, including Collin.

Radar has allegedly obtained access to Jon’s court documents in which he apparently argues that it’s only in Collin’s best interest to move in with his father and sister in Pennsylvania.

As fans may know, the boy has been away to a behavioral facility for years so being at home should be a good change.

That being said, Collin’s visit to his father’s place during the weekend was a rare occurrence.

Jon chatted with E! News about their time together saying: ‘I’ve been seeing him regularly but it’s been me going to him. Collin came up for the weekend. It was his first visit in 3 years. He stayed with me.’

At the same time, a source told HollywoodLife that ‘Kate is furious over Jon’s photos he has posted with Collin. She feels like he was posting just to make her mad and it worked. Kate hates not being in control of the kids, and she cannot stand to see Jon with Collin. Kate is very hard to get along with on a good day, so Jon knew exactly what he was doing and how posting that photo would make Kate feel.’

Do you think Jon should get custody of Collin?


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