Jon Gosselin Claims TLC Offered Him $1 Million To Lie About His Marriage

Jon Gosselin Claims TLC Offered Him $1 Million To Lie About His Marriage
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Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin is breaking his silence on his relationship with ex-wife Kate Gosselin now that a ten-year gag order has expired, and he is making some shocking allegations against the mother of his children and the network that made him famous. Jon says that when his marriage to Kate was obviously over in 2009, TLC offered him $1 million to stay “fake” married because the show was too much of a cash cow for them to let go.

In a new interview with DailyMailTV , Jon says that two years into the popular reality show that started out as a fun, wholesome series that featured the daily lives of a typical, yet super-sized American family, his marriage to Kate fell apart.

After a failed attempt at marriage counseling, Jon told network executives that the marriage was over. But, they made him an offer to stay married that was “seven figures plus,” which Jon refused.

“There was all this stuff going on, all this pressure,” explained Jon. “And I was like, 'No, I'm getting divorced. I'm gonna make a moral decision, I'm not gonna make a business decision on my family. I'm gonna make a moral decision on my family. My kids were like four or five years old, so I'm not going to have it filmed so they can relive it later.”

Jon says that TLC desperately wanted to save their highest-rated show, but he took the number one reality show off the air because he didn’t want them filming his divorce. Later, he found out why the network wanted him to keep filming for two more years - they were making millions off of his family.

The 42-year-old says TLC was making $186 million per quarter off of Jon & Kate Plus 8 , but he wasn’t going to lie on camera and have a “fake marriage.” Jon says he couldn’t tell his kids not to lie, and then turn around and do it himself just to make a buck.

Jon admits it wasn’t an easy decision because it didn’t affect just him and his family. One hundred people were part of the production staff, and they were going to lose their jobs if the show ended. That put a lot of pressure on Jon.

However, it was more important to him to keep his divorce off of the air because reruns would still be on TV now, and he didn’t want his kids watching the demise of their parents’ marriage.

“I left the show so my children would never have to relive our divorce. That's it,” says the father of eight.

Jon says that when he turned down TLC’s seven-figure-plus offer to stay on the show, they conspired with Kate to take him down in the media, which is why Jon was on the cover of every tabloid along with headlines accusing him of cheating on Kate.

Jon insists he never cheated on Kate, but the network and his ex-wife leaked stories to create that impression. He also says that Kate has poisoned some of his kids’ minds about him, which is why he doesn’t have a relationship with all of his eight children - Cara, Mady, Aaden, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Leah.

Neither TLC or Kate Gosselin have responded to Jon Gosselin’s claims.

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