Jon Gosselin Admits Coparenting With Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin Will Never Happen

Jon Gosselin Admits Coparenting With Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin Will Never Happen
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Jon Gosselin is talking about the possibility he and ex-wife Kate Gosselin will coparent their eight children. The simple answer is, it will never happen.

At a Victoria's Voice event in Las Vegas on Friday, Jon spoke to Us Weekly regarding his turbulent relationship with his former spouse. There is no love lost between Jon and Kate , even going as far as dividing their children.

"I don't think coparenting is ever going to exist between us because we are never going to see eye to eye. We have completely different parenting styles and she still wants to film, but I'm never going to sign work permits. That already went to court and I won but she went against my legal rights," the Jon and Kate Plus 8 alum shared.

It has been over a decade since Jon and Kate ended their marriage and entered into a bitter divorce. Jon was estranged from all of his children for years but he now has custody of Collin and Hannah, who are both 15.

However, he has no relationship with his ex-wife Kate or his other children. Twin daughters Madelyn and Cara are 18 years old. They are off enjoying their first year of college. The twins have no interest in seeing their father even after moving out of their mother's house.

Leah, Alexis, Aaden, and Joel are also 15-years old and are the remaining four in the sextuplets. They like the twins have no interaction with Jon.

"I agree that they are my children but their mother, Kate, puts roadblocks all the way. So, at this point I've agreed that as long as Hannah and Collin still talk to their siblings and the kids can interact with each other, then that's fine with me. I'll go along. And I don't have no direct contact as of right now," the DJ admitted to the weekly magazine.

Jon Gosselin is positive he and Kate Gosselin will never coparent their children. The only thing he is hopeful for at the moment is that his children see each other. Jon has had custody of Colin and Hannah for a couple of years.

The former reality TV star has moved on in his personal life finding love with his childhood friend, Colleen Conrad. They have been in a romantic relationship for four years and Jon couldn't be happier. She even joined him in Vegas where the two were spotted enjoying themselves.

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