Joker Blows Up Domestic Box Office For Month Of October - Projected To Beat All-Time October Record

Joker Blows Up Domestic Box Office For Month Of October - Projected To Beat All-Time October Record
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According to a report from The Wrap, Warner Brothers' latest movie, Joker, is expected to destroy box office records for October. After just one night, the movie earned $39,000,000 from 4,300 screens on Friday, including another $13.3 million from Thursday previews.

Now that the movie has performed well at the box office on its first day, analysts expect it to earn a projected $92-93 million in its first weekend. Last year, Venom earned $80.2 million in its opening weekend, and Logan was ahead with $88.4 million, in addition to It: Chapter Two, which earned $91 million this year.

The movie was expected to do well with men, who were overwhelmingly the majority of the attendees. CinemaScore's polls indicated that the movie's audience was 64% male, 68% of which were over the age of 25 years, and 55% were under the age of 35.

Despite the fact the movie's dark theme likely will turn off many other movie-goers, reception thus far has been quite positive, earning a 70% rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well as a B+ from CinemaScore.

There's no question the movie has enjoyed additional publicity on account of the publicly voiced concern from the United States Army, the FBI, and the DHS.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the FBI and the DHS were monitoring social media posts related to the movie. Furthermore, police in Los Angeles as well as in New York purportedly stationed additional officers at particular movie theaters across the aforementioned cities.

Even Warner Brothers Studio had to release a statement condemning gun violence and also the idea that they were glorifying disenfranchised young men.

Today, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that an anonymous prankster posted a sign above the ArcLight movie theater which made fun of the idea that the movie caters to angry young men.

The sign, which was widely shared on social media, read that men who look like they haven't had sex in a long time would not be allowed into the theater. ArcLight Theaters later released a statement denying they played any role in the creation of the sign.

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