Joker Beats All Time October Box Office Record With $93 Million Opening

Joker Beats All Time October Box Office Record With $93 Million Opening
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According to a report from NBC News, Warner Brothers' new film, Joker, just shattered the domestic box office record for the month of October after analysts predicted it would soar to a $93 million opening - which it did.

Despite the fact the movie sparked controversy and issues of security, the movie took home a $93.5 million opening weekend and is now one of the biggest October launches ever. Last year, Venom earned $80 million in its opening weekend.

Previously, it was communicated by multiple federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, that the movie might increase the risk of anti-social and violent behavior.

Even though there was controversy surrounding the movie's release, especially in the media, movie theater attendees didn't slow down to go see Joker.

Reportedly, the way in which the movie explored themes such as violence and mental illness became an issue of concern for the aforementioned agencies who feared Joker would glorify or glamorize the life of a social pariah.

As a consequence of their fear, the Los Angeles and New York police departments stationed extra security around different movie theaters and also banned the use of masks and face paint. The reason for the fear of violence is partially attributed to the 2012 movie theater mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, where 12 people were killed and 70 more were injured.

Families of some of the victims recently came out to condemn the Joker . The movie follows the life of an aspiring stand-up comedian, Arthur Fleck, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, who slowly goes mad as his life and career go down the drain.

At this year's Venice Film Festival, Joker won the top prize with many critics praising Joaquin's performance. Audiences gave the movie a B+ rating. Earlier last month, Joaquin Phoenix, as well as Todd Phillips, took issue with claims that the movie was highlighting or glorifying violence.

For instance, Mr. Phoenix stated that it's easy for people to point fingers at the supposed malevolence of others.

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