JoJo Siwa Addresses Her Makeup Kit Asbestos Drama

JoJo Siwa Addresses Her Makeup Kit Asbestos Drama
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The YouTuber and dancer talked about the scandal she is currently involved in. As you may know, JoJo Siwa’s makeup kit was recalled after its formula tested positive for asbestos, a very dangerous substance.

Now, JoJo is addressing her fans and explaining the current situation.

She took to her channel to upload a video about the whole thing, a bit over a week following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recalling her makeup in collaboration with Claire’s and a number of other accessories in her store, deemed to be a safety hazard.

The 16 year old Nickelodeon star opened her video in her usual cheery way, explaining that ‘I was gonna start this video all serious and dramatic, but that is not who I am. It recently was brought up to my attention that there's been a problem with one of my products in the Claire's stores, one of the JoJo makeup products, and I want to let everybody know that, no matter what, safety's myself and Nickelodeon's number one priority in everything.’

She went on: ‘In every JoJo product and in everything out there. This product is something that I put my trust into other people's hands, [and] we're working really, very hard to make sure that this product's recalled and off all of the shelves, and also that anybody who has this product, can get a refund at no matter what it is. If it is used or it is unused you can get a full refund.’

The former Dance Moms star explained that she wanted to update people on the situation since it is her brand and it means a lot to her.

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