Johnny Depp’s Worrisome Health Condition Is A Result Of Amber Heard's Abuse Claims - He's Been Through 'Hell And Back'

Johnny Depp’s Worrisome Health Condition Is A Result Of Amber Heard's Abuse Claims - He's Been Through 'Hell And Back'
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Is Johnny Depp Okay? The actor’s fans have been worried about his health for a while now. The pictures with the Hollywood star looking frail and sickly have been circulating online, and now, rumor has it that he is having a really hard time dealing with the divorce from Amber Heard and especially her domestic abuse claims against him.

Touch Magazine reports, via a source that ‘He’s been struggling to cope with being branded a wife beater. Johnny wants people to know he’s been unfairly painted in a negative light.’

The source also assured the fans that he is not sick, just that ‘he’s been through hell and back’ since the scandal exploded. ‘It’s hit him very hard, and he’s been unraveling ever since.’

As you probably already know, the drama has affected his image and career as well, to the point that many demanded that he be fired from his titular role in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

J.K. Rowling, the famous author of the Harry Potter books and the screenwriter of the prequels, defended the decision to have Depp in the Fantastic Beasts films.

But the abuse scandal was not the only thing that affected the actor as, amid the divorce, he also lost his mother Betty Sue to cancer.

In an interview for Rolling Stone, Depp admitted he felt ‘really low’ during that period of time but couldn’t go into much detail due to an NDA he signed as part of his and Amber’s divorce.

‘I was as low as I believe I could have gotten. The next step was, ‘You’re going to arrive somewhere with your eyes open, and you’re going to leave there with your eyes closed.’ I couldn’t take the pain every day,’ he heartbreakingly said.

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  • faie void
    faie void Aug 14, 2018 4:55 AM PDT

    Alcohol and drug abuse has nothing to do with this right? Seriously…

  • Jane
    Jane Aug 13, 2018 8:21 PM PDT

    Johnny Depp expresses how difficult a time he had when his mother passed away and Amber divorced him. After her endless bleak rant of hysterical accusations and no attempt to overcome a problem as married people at least try to do, she's poking fun. How cute.

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