Johnny Depp Settles The Six-Figure Lawsuit His Former Lawyers Filed Against Him

Johnny Depp Settles The Six-Figure Lawsuit His Former Lawyers Filed Against Him
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Johnny Depp has settled the $350,000 lawsuit filed by the law firm that used to represent him, Buckley LLP. Both Depp and the law firm have informed the court that they have come to a settlement agreement, and the case will officially be closed in December.

According to The Blast , Depp’s former lawyers at Buckley LLP sued the actor back in May after he allegedly refused to pay his $347,979.89 bill, which included a 10 percent discount. The law firm says that Depp only paid $187,717.39 and promised he would pay the balance he owed. However, Depp never paid them another dime, and Buckley LLP sued the Pirates of the Caribbean star for the unpaid balance.

Depp hired Buckley LLP to represent him in his $30 million lawsuit against his former legal team, Bloom Hergott LLP. In that case, Depp says that his attorneys kept $30 million in commissions without a written agreement allowing them to take a percentage of his income.

Even though Depp eventually settled with Buckley LLP, he had at one point asked the court to dismiss the case because he said he didn’t owe them any more money.

“Defendants further deny that Plaintiff suffered damages as a result of the alleged wrongful conduct of Defendants, and further generally and specifically deny that Plaintiff is entitled to any remedy or relief, legal, equitable, or otherwise, in any sum whatsoever, as against Defendants,” read Depp’s court filing.

Depp argued that his former lawyers were charging him “excessive and unreasonable” rates, which is why the bill was so high. The court refused to throw the case out, and Depp eventually decided it was best to settle.

The 56-year-old actor has been dealing with a ton of legal drama in recent months, as a former crew member has sued him over an alleged assault. In that case, the judge ruled that the plaintiff was not allowed to mention Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard or his alleged drug use.

And in yet another case,  Johnny Depp is battling Amber Heard in court after he sued her for defamation. Heard has denied all of the allegations Depp has made against her, and she has asked the court to toss the lawsuit.

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