Johnny Depp Reportedly Tried To Write Amber Heard's Name With His Own Urine

Johnny Depp Reportedly Tried To Write Amber Heard's Name With His Own Urine
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A court in the United Kingdom heard today on Wednesday amid the actor's libel case that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, Johnny Depp tried to spell Amber Heard's name with his own urine inside their wrecked rental home. The actor was reportedly on drugs at the time of the incident.

Heard says the Secret Window actor pulled out his genitalia while being escorted off a Queensland, Australia, property, and told the security personnel that he needed to urinate. The actor supposedly said to the security guards, "I need to take a f*cking piss, it's my house," a witness claimed today.

The United Kingdom's The Sun newspaper claims Heard says Johnny relieved himself in front of the security guards. The actor was trying to write her name on the walls and the carpet of the home they were staying in.

Ben King, however, Depp's estate manager, said to London's High Court that he never found urine in the home, but he did find part of the actor's finger which was sliced off during their dispute. King claimed he would've noticed or smelled urine in the house if Johnny did, in fact, urinate in the home.

Moreover, King says he went with a cleaning team to make sure there wasn't any damage done on the house. He says the cleaning team didn't mention anything about urine. Followers of the case know it isn't the only time Depp used an unorthodox means of creating art.

The actor also reportedly spelled the words, "I love you," with the blood from his finger on a glass window. As most know, Depp is currently suing The Sun for calling him a "wife-beater" in an article from two years ago.

Heard has accused Depp of shoving and slapping her during a drug and alcohol-fueled confrontation at their vacation house. The Sun's lawyer had Amber tell the story as a means of backing up their claims.

Johnny has repeatedly denied the allegations that he beat Heard. He says she severed the tip of his finger after throwing a vodka bottle at him, but Amber claims he did it to himself after throwing a phone against a wall.

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