Johnny Depp Jokingly Says He'll 'Drown' And 'Burn' Amber Heard In 2013 Text Messages To Paul Bettany

Johnny Depp Jokingly Says He'll 'Drown' And 'Burn' Amber Heard In 2013 Text Messages To Paul Bettany
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In new text messages revealed in a court hearing, Johnny Depp jokingly said to Paul Bettany that he would "burn" and "drown" his wife of the time, Amber Heard, and also "f*ck her burnt corpse." The 2013 messages were read aloud in London's High Court this Wednesday, a report from Page Six revealed.

The outlet claims that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was in the room while his messages to the actor were read aloud. On the 6th of November, 2013, Johnny Depp wrote, "let's burn Amber," before going on to add that they would drown and burn her alive.

"I will f*ck her burnt corpse afterward to make sure she is dead," the actor wrote in revealed messages. Additionally, text messages to Paul Bettany in May 2014 reveal that Johnny had been engaging in a lot of substance abuse, including pills and alcohol.

The actor, before he picked Amber up at the LA airport, stated that he had been drinking and taking prescription drugs all day. The actor finished off his text with a description of his condition: "ugly, mate." However, in the same batch of messages, the award-winning actor remarked that he wouldn't "spray (his) rage" at the person he loved.

At the moment, Depp is in a London court for a preliminary hearing regarding his libel lawsuit against The Sun after they published a report claiming he had been abusing the 33-year-old actress. Johnny's attorney, David Sherborne, stated it was clear that at least one person was lying about the abuse in the relationship, and he insists it's Amber.

Currently, Johnny Depp is suing Heard in the United States for libel as well. The lawyer representing the British newspaper claimed the text messages appeared to be in reference to an "altercation" that went down with Heard on the airplane.

Wolanski, the attorney for the Sun, claimed Depp had been accused of fighting with Heard on the jet, including slapping her in the face and also kicking and throwing boots at her before finally passing out in the bathroom. Depp has denied the incident.

As it was noted above, Depp filed a lawsuit in Northern Virginia against Heard for a whopping $50 million. The actor claims he was defamed in an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post. While she didn't name Depp personally, it was widely believed to be him.

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