Johnny Depp Denies He Assaulted Amber Heard For Making Fun Of His 'Wino Forever' Tattoo!

Johnny Depp Denies He Assaulted Amber Heard For Making Fun Of His 'Wino Forever' Tattoo!
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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to battle it out in court and it looks like the famous actor is insisting that he never assaulted his former wife when she supposedly mocked his ‘wino forever’ tattoo, ink he got many years ago when he was romantically involved with Winona Ryder. In fact, Johnny stressed that he does not even remember Amber ever making fun of it in the first place, let alone hit her for saying such a thing about it!

During the second day of his London trial, Depp insisted in court that he’s ever ‘slapped’ Heard for mocking this particular tattoo.

This is, of course, something Amber claims but Johnny can’t even remember such an incident taking place.

This lawsuit is actually all about Johnny suing The Sun, for libel.

So, one lawyer for the British newspaper, Sasha Wass, alleged that Johnny hit Amber for making fun of the tattoo.

‘Ms. Heard laughed at the tattoo. You were, actually, acting just like a wino and an alcoholic and it felt very sensitive,’ Wass alleged in court.

In response, Depp vehemently denied both slapping her and having his tattoo being make fun of!

He did, however, admit that at the time, he was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

‘I was dispirited, after 160 days or so I had broken my sobriety,’ he told the court.

The lawyer, according to The Guardian, went on to accuse Depp of the following: ‘You then slapped Ms. Heard across the face and that was the very first time it happened.’

Wass claimed Amber starred at him shocked with no reaction so he proceeded to slap her two more times.

‘It’s not true. It didn’t happen… I didn’t hit her,’ Johnny insisted.

During the three week long trial, Winona Ryder is also set to appear in court virtually and so is Vanessa Paradis, the ex with whom he shared his two kids. Both women are expected to defend Johnny like they've done before throughout this public drama with Amber.

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