Johnny Depp And His Former Lawyer Jake Bloom's Lawsuit Heats Up As Deposition Papers Are Served To Elon Musk Among Others

Johnny Depp And His Former Lawyer Jake Bloom's Lawsuit Heats Up As Deposition Papers Are Served To Elon Musk Among Others
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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been bitterly fighting both in the courts as well as in the media ever since they first separated back in 2016 following a videotape showing Johnny getting upset while pouring a glass of wine.

To make matters worse, Johnny Depp is suing his ex-attorney, Jake Bloom, and Bloom has inadvertently brought in the biggest names in the game including Warner Brothers chairman, Kevin Tsujihara, Amber Heard, as well as Elon Musk.

Reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the three aforementioned individuals were served depositions on Wednesday. They are to appear in a court of law to back up Jake Bloom.

In October 2017, Depp first filed his lawsuit against Bloom, claiming his former lawyer stole more than $30 million in contingent fees without a contract. Jake Bloom then filed a counter-suit. Bloom is allegedly trying to get Tsujiara to testify under oath as to whether Johnny tried to have Amber blackballed.

Moreover, it was claimed that Depp attempted to lobby the studio to have Amber Heard removed from the cast of the new superhero film, Aquaman . Even if that was true, it didn't work, because Heard was cast in it anyway and Aquaman became a massive hit.

Furthermore, Amber will appear in the sequel as well, which was scheduled for 2022 release. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter regarding the lawsuit with his ex-lawyer, Depp's attorney-at-law, Adam Waldman, claimed that the inclusion of people such as Musk and Tsuijara in the lawsuit is merely an attempt to "divert attention" and stall the eventual day of "reckoning."

Depp is no stranger to the legal system these days. In March, he filed a $50,000,000 defamation suit against the actress, claiming that she embellished aspects of their relationship which inadvertently affected his career. According to Page Six, the studio responsible for Fantastic Beast s is worried about their reputation as they continue to stand by Depp.

When Johnny was cast in the Fantastic Beasts movie, there was an outcry from Twitter users, notably BuzzFeed journalist and other media writers, who claim that he was abusive toward Heard. Director of the project, David Yates, stood by the decision, stating that Depp was a good person, as did the content's creator, JK Rowling.

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