Johnny Depp And His Ex-Wife Amber Heard Awkwardly Share Warner Bros Comic-Con Panel

Johnny Depp And His Ex-Wife Amber Heard Awkwardly Share Warner Bros Comic-Con Panel

That must have been very awkward! The actor definitely made a very memorable appearance at Comic-Con today by showing up as Grindelwald, the titular villain he is portraying in Fantastic Beasts 2: Crimes of Grindlewald.

Johnny Depp was there for the Warner Bros panel segment, but his former wife Amber Heard was too!

Depp made sure to come in full costume, bringing Gellert Grindelwald out from the screen and in real life for those in attendance.

He had the already iconic platinum blonde undercut hairstyle as well as a period-specific coat on and his magic wand in hand!

Fans cheered hard inside Hall H where the San Diego Comic-Con took place, as Grindelwald swished the wand around before the second Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer was screened.

It is safe to say everything on the panel was great and all the fans really enjoyed themselves but one thing was quite questionable.

Just following Depp’s great presentation of the villainous character, another of Warner Bros' panel sections included the stars of Aquaman which so happens to also feature Amber Heard – Depp’s former wife.

The two did not put a peaceful end to their marriage and were in fact involved in a very controversial and public divorce.

Their split was surrounded by accusations of domestic abuse and the divorce was finally settled for millions of dollars.

The scandal really affected Johnny Depp’s career and image in general, and so, it only seems natural that neither one of the exes would want to run into each other like that.

Meanwhile, the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts 2 was released much to the excitement of the fans. Are you looking forward to watching the second installment of the Fantastic Beasts movies in November?


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