Johnny Bananas On The Challenge: War Of The Worlds Most Shocking Elimination Ever!

Johnny Bananas On The Challenge: War Of The Worlds Most Shocking Elimination Ever!
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On the most recent episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds , veteran cast member Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio made one of his earliest exits ever from the show, but he’s not making excuses. In a new interview with Us Weekly , Bananas says that this upset is only going to help him in the future.

Bananas is not used to such an early elimination. During his 18 seasons, the only time he has left The Challenge earlier than week two was during his very first season - The Duel back in 2006 - when he was the first one to go home.

In War of the Worlds , Zach Nichols, one of Bananas’ closest allies, seemingly teamed up with Bananas’ rival Wes Bergmann. Even though Nichols denies working with Bergmann, he did help him win (even if it was a mistake) and Bananas was ultimately eliminated.

However, Bananas doesn’t buy Nichols’ story.

“Do not fall for Zach’s crocodile tears. He is very, very good. When you see a man of his stature start to cry, you’re like, ‘There’s no way this guy could be lying because there’s no one in their right mind able to do that.’ Zach’s able to do that … He was working with Wes the entire time,” says Bananas.

He added that Nichols never has important game conversations in front of the camera, so there is no video evidence that he worked with Bergmann. However, Bananas is certain that everything Nichols did was “100 percent intentional.”

Bananas also dished on his relationship with Nany, revealing that nothing happened romantically between them during War of the Worlds. However, he does like her as a friend, and she is “the realest person you’ll ever meet.”

The reality show legend also talked about the possibility of becoming The Bachelor, or as Bananas calls it “The Bananachelor.” He says that he would absolutely do the show, and if he brought home a nice girl, it would make his mom the happiest woman on Earth.

Bananas says that The Bachelor has gotten so cookie cutter and vanilla, that it would be a nice change to have someone on the show who “knew how to be on TV.” And, being on the show would also give fans an opportunity to see a side of him they haven’t seen before.

He explained that the person he is on The Challenge is wearing a suit of armor and keeping people at a distance. And, Johnny Bananas says that the person he is in real life would never survive on The Challenge .


New episodes of The Challenge: War of the Worlds air Wednesday nights on MTV.

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