John Travolta Points Out A Historical Mistake In Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

John Travolta Points Out A Historical Mistake In Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
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Even though John Travolta and Quentin Tarantino will always be linked due to their collaborative work in the legendary film, Pulp Fiction, Mr. Travolta still isn't afraid to point out inaccuracies in the iconic filmmaker's movies.

Reported by The Wrap, John, who is a self-described "aviation nerd," pointed out a subtle mistake in the movie that only a pilot would understand and notice. During a question and answer session following the premiere of his latest movie, The Fanatic , John couldn't help but point out a small error in Quentin's depiction of flying, more specifically, a plane.

John, while referring to the scene where Leonardo is flying to Italy, claims the scene states that the actor was taking a 747, however, the 747 first started flying in 1970, a year before the movie actually took place in 1969.

Mr. Travolta stated that Quentin was "nine months off! He would have been on a Boeing 707!" However, as The Wrap pointed out, the movie was less so a depiction of actual historical events and more of a homage of how Quentin remembers the era in cinematic history.

According to John, moving past the minor error he spotted in the movie, Quentin's depiction of the 1960s brought back a lot of memories for him, considering he first arrived in Hollywood in 1969. Travolta actually remembers when Sharon Tate was killed and how scared everyone was.

With all that said, the actor claims Quentin's appreciation for culture and ability to capture it was the main reason why Quentin is such a great filmmaker; he has the ability to capture a moment in time in such a way where it results in a great movie. Ironically, this wouldn't be the only time someone pointed out an inaccuracy in the movie-makers' film.

In fact, Quentin's movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, sparked significant controversy for the way in which the director depicted Bruce Lee, played by Mike Moh. As it was previously reported, Shannon Lee, the daughter of the legendary actor, was not happy with his characterization of her father.

During an interview, Shannon stated the film's portrayal of her father was insulting to his legacy, and also untrue.

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