John Travolta Opens Up About His ‘Personal’ Experience Mourning After Late Wife's Passing

John Travolta Opens Up About His ‘Personal’ Experience Mourning After Late Wife's Passing
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John Travolta talked about losing his wife, Kelly Preston , and how he's been dealing with the grief. As you may know, the woman passed away in July of last year after battling breast cancer for two years.

During a new interview for Esquire Spain, the actor got candid about the whole mourning process, saying it was a very 'personal' one.

'I have learned that mourning someone is personal. Mourning's individual and experiencing your own journey's what can lead to healing. This is different from someone else's journey. The most important thing that you can do to help another when they're in mourning is to allow them to live it and to not complicate it with yours. That is my experience. Life's movement and a journey, what you leave behind in people, I guess that is your legacy.'

He went on to state that 'How they interpret my life will be different for each one. And that's fine, because that will be me. The best thing that I do is try to get to that part of life that allows me to enjoy it, and that joy's experiencing dance, music … and people. I will ensure the future of my children, help them with what they want to do with their lives. It's what I do with Ella now with her films and teaching her to work in the profession. Ben's barely 10 years old. I want to help him evolve because he has his whole life ahead of him.'

Last summer, John shared the tragic news of his wife's passing.

His message was filled with love and sadness, celebrating her for bravely fighting the disease for two years.


The fellow actress was only 57 years old when she died on July 12 and Travolta made it very clear that she would be missed by many but especially by him and the kids.

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