John Stamos 'Likes' Tweet About Lori Loughlin Going To Prison - Is He In Favor? 

John Stamos 'Likes' Tweet About Lori Loughlin Going To Prison - Is He In Favor? 
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It sounds like John Stamos might just be in favor of his Fuller House co-star, Lori Loughlin being sentenced to time behind bars for her role in the whole Varsity Blues scandal! This is the conclusion that social media reached after the actor ‘liked’ a post about her possibly going to prison!

Seeing this, many users freaked out, especially since there have been rumors before that Stamos was not a supporter of his longtime co-star after breaking the law.

It all started with the post in question that not only praised his Little Mermaid Live performance but also seemed to shade her!

Soon after, either the actor or maybe someone from his team, proceeded to leave a like on the tweet that included 15 seconds of his Chef Louis character on the show and also read:  ‘Aunt Becky’s going to jail but @johnstamos is BACK and crushing it on #LittleMermaidLive.’

Yikes! They were obviously praising him but was he really Okay with the fact that they were also dragging Lori in the process? It seems so!

But, it turns out that it was nothing but a mistake!

TMZ reported that the mean tweet was actually liked by accident due to the fact that it got mixed in with the huge number of other positive posts about Stamos’ performance on the two hours long show.

That being said, the post has been un-liked since then, as if it never happened in the first place!

In the meantime, one source previously told HollywoodLife that her legal problems have affected Lori a lot.

‘If there is an emotion that Lori Loughlin could feel for all that she has been dealing with, she’s felt it. To deal with it all, knowing that she deeply disappointed her children and going through it all with her husband has been a stress-filled situation like she's never felt before. It's safe to say that she is an emotional wreck,’ they dished via the news outlet.

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