John Stamos Has An Idea For Possible Fuller House Spinoff And Its Good

John Stamos Has An Idea For Possible Fuller House Spinoff And Its Good
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John Stamos is dishing a new spinoff idea for the Netflix sitcom Fuller House .

As fans know the show is coming to an end after five seasons. The cast is currently in the middle of filming the final season, which will reportedly be split into two parts.

Even though Fuller House is a revival, Stamos has come up with a brilliant idea for a spinoff that sounds extremely interesting.

"I think there's a play that we go backward. Like, what happened before?" Stamos explained during an interview with E! News .

Full House has been a cultural icon since the 1990s. The revival has cemented its place in sitcom history too. Now the actor famous for playing Uncle Jesse has come up with an idea that adds a new perspective to the family.

"If you remember in the pilot of the show, my sister, Pam, dies, and that's why it's the three men raising the three girls, so I'd like to explore that the brother, sister, maybe go back," he shared with the news outlet.

The concept is intriguing. It could show fans what life was like for Jesse growing up or even after his sister first married Danny. There is a slew of possible directions the show could go with a prequel.

One of the good things about creating a spinoff that goes back in time is there is no need to figure out what to do with the character of Aunt Becky.

As fans are aware, Lori Loughlin's future outside of prison is up in the air. Plus, the scandal has cost the actress several jobs with shows and networks not wanting to be associated with her.

Therefore, creating a sitcom that preexists when the character was introduced is a no-brainer.

John Stamos has a good idea for a Fuller House spinoff show. How confident is the actor the show could become more than just a vision in his head?

"We'll see," Stamos revealed.

The news of Stamos spinoff idea minus Aunt Becky comes less than a week after the actor spoke with Entertainment Tonight regarding Loughlin's fate on the final season of Fuller House .

He has not filmed yet, so he is unsure how the show is dealing with the character. Stamos was nice but admitted it was difficult to talk about, so he was reluctant to elaborate on anything involving his long-time on-screen wife.


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