John Oliver In Tears While Calling Out Donald Trump And Discussing Police Brutality!

John Oliver In Tears While Calling Out Donald Trump And Discussing Police Brutality!
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The Last Week Tonight host got emotional while calling out Donald Trump for how he’s dealt with the Black Lives Matter protests and also talking about the ‘sickening’ and ‘f**king disgusting’ ways in which those fighting for equality continue to be treated by the police force. John Oliver was particularly disgusted by how the POTUS has been using George Floyd’s name just to promote his accomplishments.

During the latest episode of his show, John held back tears while discussing police brutality in the United States and the way Trump has responded to the protests.

‘All week long, protesters have continued to fill the streets in all fifty states in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by the police. And in response to these protests, which have been a pushback against institutional racism and brutality, it has been frankly sickening to see them met with this,’ he stated.

As you might know, the peaceful protesters have still been victims to extreme and unnecessary violence from the riot police.

They have gone as far as to teargas people, use flash bombs and even shoot them with rubber bullets.

The latter are supposed to not be lethal but they can definitely still cause massive and irreparable injuries and journalist Linda Tirado even ended up getting blinded while she was reporting live on TV and was shot with a rubber bullet.

Oliver went on to explain that: ‘If police are trying to convince the public they are not guilty of displaying excessive force, it is probably not a good idea to repeatedly display excessive force on national television — including in this city, where Mayor de Blasio praised them for their ‘tremendous restraint’ and Governor Cuomo threatened to send in the National Guard.’

He also mentioned the rumors that the POTUS hid in a bunker when the protesters started marching in front of the White House as well as the fact that he ordered the police to teargas people so that he could go and pose with a bible in front of a church.

Finally, he called him out for using George Floyd’s name when revealing job numbers, saying: ‘This is a great day for him,’ which is utterly f**king disgusting. If you said ‘Macy’s’ more than you said ‘Breonna Taylor’ this week, you can very much f**k off.’

By the end of this powerful episode, John Oliver was in tears, obviously affected by what has been going on and angered by the way the President has been dealing with all of it.

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