John Legend Talks About Collabing With Nipsey Hussle Only Days Before His Shooting

John Legend Talks About Collabing With Nipsey Hussle Only Days Before His Shooting
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John Legend remembered the late Nipsey Hussle while at the BET Awards earlier tonight! More precisely, the singer recalled working with the rapper only days before his tragic shooting on March 31.

Legend’s collab song with Nipsey and DJ Khaled titled Higher, was released postmortem on May 16 and it sounds like it was a great honor for him to continue the slain rapper’s legacy.

John told the news outlet that the two of them were not close before coming together to work on this song.

‘I really learned a lot more about him when he passed away. This is the first time that we ever collaborated together, and we shot the video a few days before he was taken away from us. What I saw was that he was proud of where he was from. We were on top of a high rise parking structure, shooting up there and he was showing me where he grew up.’

Apparently, he was ‘showing me how much he cared about his neighborhood through his actions, not just words, and I think that is the most impressive thing about him.

As fans know, Nipsey Hussle received the Humanitarian Award at the BET Awards for his great contribution in helping the South L.A. community before his untimely death.

Legend also told ET that he feels bad he was not more aware of his legacy prior to his passing.

‘Even though we want to celebrate his life, it's just a terrible, heartbreaking tragedy that we lost him and there's no real silver lining to that,’ the star went on to lament.

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