John Legend Says He's Sick Of People Trying To "Arm-Chair Diagnose" His Pal Kanye West

John Legend Says He's Sick Of People Trying To "Arm-Chair Diagnose" His Pal Kanye West

In the latest edition of the Wall Street Journal, John Legend, who recently achieved EGOT status, sat down with reporters and dished on a few personal topics. Regarding Kanye West, Legend had something to say for all those out there who are trying to diagnose the rapper from a distance.

John said, "but I leave it to him and his doctor to discuss what's going on in his brain." According to the recent winner of an Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and Oscar, he disagreed with Kanye on many subjects but also worried that Kanye was unintentionally empowering "the wrong forces," as well as pushing some of his fans away.

John, who is married to Chrissy Teigen, said he understands where Kanye's love for Trump comes from. It's the similarities between their personality, as well as Donald's ability for self-promotion, marketing finesse, and "don't-give-a-f**kness."

Regarding Kanye's choice to wear the Make America Great Again hat, John explained that by doing so, the rapper was supporting some of his other more deleterious policies and rhetoric, rather than just the things he liked about him.

When the Wall Street Journal asked him if he would ever run for public office, Legend said he would consider it maybe when he's in his sixties, but not right now.

He's simply loving his life too much to do that. As it was previously reported, Legend was one of the people who reached out to Kanye following his support of the president during the summer months.

Kanye published the text message conversation they had on Twitter, much to the chagrin of some of his fans. After delivering a speech during his appearence on Saturday Night Live, as well as his luncheon with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, the Yeezy artist said that he was backing away from politics.

On Twitter, Kanye said he felt as though he was being used for politics and policies he didn't necessarily agree with. Some fans online suggested that Kanye was merely doing whatever he could to stay in the limelight, considering he's slowly getting older and his musical style is increasingly becoming less relevant in the face of the new zeitgeist, trap music.

However, Kanye has managed to secure a solid hit with Lil' Pump, "I Love It," which became somewhat of a meme due to his and Pump's outfits in the music video. Lil' Pump and Ye wore matching block-outfits.

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