John Legend Has To Remind Himself Not To Curse Around Daughter Luna

John Legend Has To Remind Himself Not To Curse Around Daughter Luna

Parenthood is a huge, unending challenge. Even when something becomes a bit easier and more manageable, something else rears its head and you're back to square one, just trying to make sense of it all. John Legend knows the feeling as he navigates new parenthood with wife, Chrissy Teigen.

Legend explained doing more kid-friendly partnerships and activities since the birth of daughter Luna, to Us Weekly. He currently is working with Capri Sun on an advertising campaign.

Changing your focus and what you think about after kids aren't the only thing that shifts. He joined with Capri Sun because he has memories of drinking the popular kids drink when he was young.

When he was asked what about parenthood surprised or delighted him, Legend had a myriad of things to point out. Now that Luna is eating solid foods, he's impressed by what a good eater she is, claiming she isn't very finicky and that she'll eat pretty much anything.

As she's started talking there's been a conscious effort on both Legend and Teigen's parts to clean up their language. Legend says that little Luna isn't speaking in full sentences quite yet but he is cognizant of the fact that she repeats words she hears her parents using.

"I feel like I have to think about that now. I think the key with kids is you have to talk as much as you can around them. Hearing a lot of words helps them become more verbal."

This is actually a very true statement. Children who grow up around parents or caretakers with robust vocabularies tend to be smarter and more interested in expressing themselves verbally. How children are spoken to as they grow is one of the key examples of nurture at work.

It's funny to think that two very expressive and verbose people like Legend and Teigen, who can often drop a good swear word every now and again, having to retool their language so their daughter doesn't pick up any unsavory words she shouldn't be saying.

Oh, the joys and constantly changing situations of parenthood.

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