John Legend Explains The Cause Of His Split From Kanye West

John Legend Explains The Cause Of His Split From Kanye West
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The "All of Me" singer, 43, made reference to a recent conversation in which he claimed his friendship with West, 45, terminated as a result of their political disagreements.

It was a misrepresentation of what I stated when it was said that we ceased to be friends since he supported Donald Trump, according to Legend. That narrative was essentially the Rupert Murdoch version, and it was widely reported in the New York Post and on Fox News.

He said, "What I was stating was that he was very angry with me because I won't endorse him running for President, and that was the underlying reason for us having the tension in our friendship.

I don't anticipate what will transpire in the future, but he was really angry with me because I backed Joe Biden rather than him. Whether he can go past that is up to him.

Although Legend doesn't feel that political opinions "ought to be everything in your relationship, he does think that some beliefs are markers of your character, and certainly, that will affect your friendships," he added.

I don't want politics to rule my life so completely that it determines who can and cannot be my friends. However, the EGOT winner argued that moral compass, character, and ideals are all important.

Legend disclosed to West during the meeting that in 2018, while they were texting about supporting The President, West had posted screenshots of their exchange on Twitter.

Everyone was aware that I brought it up with him. I attempted to show him another perspective while speaking to him with love and care. Obviously, he handled it that way, according to Legend.

For me, the most disappointing aspect of West's 2020 presidential campaign was how much of it was a Trump campaign operation. I'm not sure how conscious he was of the idea that Trump had so many employees during his campaign.

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