John Legend And His Wife, Chrissy Teigen, Are Expecting Another Child

John Legend And His Wife, Chrissy Teigen, Are Expecting Another Child
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As she co-hosted EPIC's National Parents Day Off event on Wednesday, Teigen told PEOPLE that her six-year-old daughter Luna and four-year-old son Miles are thrilled about the impending addition to the family.

Since we used in vitro fertilization (IVF), she claims we found out we were pregnant around nine days following the embryo transfer. So in the earliest stages, I let them know.

Everyone was aware that we were planning to implant this egg into Mommy's womb and that I would be the one to undergo the transfer procedure. However, she admits that they were aware of the possibility that it wouldn't succeed from the very start.

Teigen continues by saying that her two children had been anticipating this for quite some time. Since they've known from Day One, I feel this will feel like the most prolonged pregnancy ever to them. Nonetheless, they've been showing signs of extreme enthusiasm.

After losing a pregnancy almost two years ago, Teigen and her husband, John Legend , announced last month that they are expecting a rainbow baby.

She revealed that she had to use in vitro fertilization to conceive. In the photos announcing the news, she flaunted her growing baby belly in a crop top and lacy bra.

The last several years have been a roller coaster of feelings, but happiness has returned to her family's home and heart, as she said in the photo captions. But, as you can see, it has recently taken a bazillion bullets to the leg. Unfortunately, another is on its way to us at this time.

After losing her third child, Jack, in September 2020, Teigen said she was worried about the pregnancy.
Every time I go in for an appointment, I tell myself, "OK, if it's healthy today, I'll announce," but then I hear the heartbeat and feel relieved, and then I decide I'm still too afraid.

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