John F. Kennedy’s Only Grandson Is Crushing On Kendall Jenner And The Kar-Jenners Are Excited!

John F. Kennedy’s Only Grandson Is Crushing On Kendall Jenner And The Kar-Jenners Are Excited!
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It seems like Kendall Jenner has a new admirer in none other than John F. Kennedy’s hunky grandson, John Kennedy Schlossberg! Rumor has it that the actor is crushing on the supermodel!

That being said, Kendall has the chance of rising the Kar-Jenners' social status to a whole new level!

After all, the reality TV family is the most famous in America while the Kennedys are the closest the country’s ever had to a royal family!

As you can imagine, fans are going crazy over the thought of them uniting and they are not the only ones!

Not to mention that the late president’s only grandson is definitely an eligible bachelor!

Jack Schlossberg is 26 years old and a newcomer in the acting industry.

As for the idea of a Kar-Jenner dating a Kennedy, it was mentioned by Kim during her Vogue interview.

Jonathan Van Meter, the article’s writer mentions: ‘At one point, Kim's holding court in a sitting area outside her bedroom. Somebody from the crew mentions that the handsome John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, son of Caroline, reportedly has a crush on half-sister Kendall, and Kim’s eyes twinkle at the prospect of colluding over some dynastic matchmaking.’

That is no surprise since Kim Kardashian has always been fascinated by JFK’s wife, Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Kennedy Onassis.

In other words, having her half-sister date Jackie Kennedy’s grandson would make Kim extremely happy.

If they got married, that would be even better for the Kar-Jenners!

At this time, however, Kendall is still in an on again, off again relationship with NBA player Ben Simmons but no one knows if the model is in love with him or how serious they really are. Maybe she’d think it’s time for an upgrade?

After all, John is both very handsome and smart since he graduated from Yale!

Furthermore, he is currently working on a joint law degree and M.B.A. at Harvard and acting! What more could you want?


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