John Cusack Says Questions About Iconic Film Say Nothing Never Get Old

John Cusack Says Questions About Iconic Film Say Nothing Never Get Old
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After decades in the film business, John Cusack finds himself being asked about the same movies over and over again. During a conversation with Willie Geist from Sunday TODAY today, the Say Nothing alum explained how being an actor is like having your "yearbook pictures on cable all the time."

Cusack went on to say, however, that it's actually "nice" that people are still thinking about those old movies. John claims he often gets asked about the movie, Say Nothing, primarily the moment where he stands in front of his girlfriend's house holding up a boombox.

Geist asked him if he ever got tired of hearing about it, and Cusack said he did, but people say other things as well. John went on to say, however, that he was ultimately quite grateful for the experience, because if that's the extent of his problems, then things must be going well.

Whether he's ok with it or not, John has found himself with some time off from such questions with the quarantine lockdowns. As for what he has been up to amid the coronavirus pandemic, the actor says he likes to watch baseball games now that they're on again.

The actor says both Chicago teams are doing well at the moment, and it looks like they'll make it back into the playoffs. He has been enjoying baseball games quite a lot, but Cusack said he has also been doing a lot of reading, writing, and watching old movies.

As most know, John has worked alongside his sister in many of those films. Joan and John Cusack grew up in a family that really respected theater, movies, and other forms of art. Fortunately for them, Chicago became a hot spot for movie sets when they were young.

John says at the time, they were just starting to make movies about teenagers which weren't really a thing in that era. He and Joan managed to get small roles in Sixteen Candles from John Hughes and it was all history from there.


These days, John and Joan still like working together a lot. Whenever he produces a film, the actor explained, he knows he can secure the talents of his sister for cheap.

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