John Cusack Claims He Was Duped Into Re-Tweeting Anti-Semitic Images

John Cusack Claims He Was Duped Into Re-Tweeting Anti-Semitic Images
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According to a report from Page Six, John Cusack inadvertently sparked a social media backlash this past Monday on Twitter when his account re-tweeted a supposedly anti-Semitic meme. John said he was tricked into sharing a post that was created by a "bot."

"Follow the money," Cusack tweeted, which came along with a picture of the Star Of David crushing a group of individuals. The post quoted Voltaire, the French Enlightenment writer, which suggested those who one can't criticize is the person who controls them.

After Cusack sent the tweet out to the world around 7:00 pm, Twitter users were quick to lambast him. The journalist, Yashar Ali, said it was "disgusting," and others accused John of being an "anti-Semite." In response to the outrage, John quickly went on the defensive.

John, at first, didn't seem apologetic, suggesting the government of Israel was committing all kinds of atrocities on the Palestinians. Cusack claimed many Palestinians were fighting for the right to live free, fighting for justice.

Following the tweet, Mr. Cusack back-tracked and said he was tricked into posting an anti-Semitic image, rather than a Pro-Palestinian message as he wanted to. Cusack said on his account that the Israeli government doesn't speak on the behalf of Israelis, the same way the Trump government doesn't on the behalf of all Americans.

John went on to delete the post because he claimed it was the wrong one. Moreover, he told his followers that he has been fighting for justice "longer than you've been alive probably."

Some people on social media joked that celebrities and entertainment industry rarely do much "fighting;" they mostly post memes and other messages on the internet.

Controversy is rare in the career of John Cusack, who first came to prominence in the 1980s with romantic-drama films and other independent movies. However, John scored two big wins recently with Hot Tub Time Machine and 2012 which both were box office successes.

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